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    Unaffordable repeat payday or high cost short term loans? We can help:

    • You rolled over payday loans month after month
    • You paid off loans in full each month but promptly re-borrowed
    • You were trapped in a payday loan or high cost short term loan cycle
    Allegiant Finance Payday Loan Reclaim Specialists

An Unrivalled History In Payday Loan Claims.

Payday Loan misery is a serious issue. If you have payday loan debt caused by repeat, unaffordable borrowing, we can help.

What is a Payday Loan Claim?

A payday loan claim alleges that your lender did not undertake adequate affordability checks, leading to sustained borrowing. You can claim back the fees the payday loan lender charged, 8% interest and ask for mis-sold loans to be taken off your credit records.

Many consumers are surprised to hear they could recover fees and charges paid to payday loan and high cost, short-term loan lenders. In truth, a significant minority of hard-working consumers stuck in loan traps have been abandoned by Claims Management Companies and mainstream consumer websites who focus on PPI and Packaged Bank Account claims for the masses.

At Allegiant, we were proud to be the first Claims Management Company to become dedicated to both payday loan and high-cost, short-term claims back in 2013. We are true pioneers in this area. Often copied, never bettered.

What Is The Basis of A Payday Loan Claim?

Payday loans and more lately high cost, short-term “flexible” loans have increased in popularity over recent years. During the financial crisis, many hardworking people have struggled to find ways to meet their day to day living expenditure and had difficulty obtaining more conventional forms of credit.

Lenders have always had a duty to lend affordably. Payday loans and high cost, short-term loans are expensive. Logically, consumers would only turn to them if refused more credit by banks and credit card issuers. When payday came around, vulnerable consumers found themselves needing to reborrow or take out a fresh loan month upon month. Certain lenders were not properly assessing affordability and therefore made unfair profits at the expense of debt ridden consumers.

Putting Things Right

We can help! However, you do not need to use a claims management company to make a complaint to your Lender, and if your complaint is not successful you can refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service yourself for free.

If you would prefer to use a claims management company to investigate and present a payday loan refund complaint, then you’re in the right place. We’ve recovered over £4 million from payday loan lenders and we have the lowest charging rates in the industry. We’ll establish the facts and present your case.

✓ We look after payday loan and high cost, short-term loan credit claims, and only these claims – this is our specialty (for you, this simply means that you’re in safe, experienced hands)

We are a Claims Management Company that is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Firm Reference Number: 836810.

✓ We make the payday loan claims process as fast and simple as it can be – handled online or by telephone, you won’t ever have to face the payday loan lender or their representatives

✓ We provide our services at a lower cost than our main competitors. This is only achievable as a result of our heavy investment in our processes.

✓ Due to careful case selection and our understanding of the elements of a good claim, we have great success rates.

Please take a look around our site to learn more about us and the claims process.

Our Mis-Sold Payday Loan Claims Procedure

  1. Pre complaint investigation and analysis

    Pre complaint investigation and analysis

  2. Formal mis-selling complaint made

    Formal mis-selling complaint made

  3. Response analysis & negotiation

    Response analysis & negotiation

  4. Referral to Financial Ombudsman Services

    Referral to Financial Ombudsman Services

Our Process

Widely Regarded as Leaders in Payday Loan Claims

  • A Trusted Name

    A Trusted Name Allegiant Finance Services Ltd is widely regarded as an original pioneer in the payday loan claims management market.

  • Friendly & Experienced Advisors

    Friendly & Experienced Advisors Contactable by email, phone, live chat or post, whichever you prefer.

  • Confidential & Discreet

    Confidential & Discreet We will only correspond with you and keep your details secure. We’ll never sell your data.

  • Proven Track Record

    Proven Track Record We've been claiming payday loan refunds since 2013

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    Online Application Full online application process. Receive an automated decision on whether we can take on your claim

  • Over £7 million Recovered

    Over £7 million Recovered We are proud to have recovered £millions on behalf of our customers.

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