We realise that claiming against a payday loan lender can seem daunting. We aim to make the claiming process as simple as possible. Payday loan claims is all that we do. Our vastly experienced team will communicate with the lender (and where required, the Ombudsman service) on your behalf. We use bespoke technology to ensure efficient claims handling. Throughout the process, we inform you of claim progress using a “stage process”, so you can track your progress easily.

  1. Pre complaint investigation and analysis

    Pre complaint investigation and analysis

  2. Formal mis-selling complaint made

    Formal mis-selling complaint made

  3. Response analysis & negotiation

    Response analysis & negotiation

  4. Referral to Financial Ombudsman Services

    Referral to Financial Ombudsman Services

Stage One – Application form completed

You complete an application form providing us with the information that we will need to act on your behalf.

Once we receive your application, we will submit it to you for you to check, sign and then return to us by Freepost. We will then submit your payday loan reclaim documentation to the payday loan lender or broker.

Stage Two – Mis-sold payday loan claim submitted to the payday loan provider

Having submitted your payday loan claim paperwork to the provider of your payday loan we will monitor its progress periodically to make sure that a reply is received within an acceptable timescale.

Stage Three – Decision received

Having received a decision from your payday lender we will communicate this to you and, subject to any offer that is received, we will recommend an appropriate course of action to you. We will then follow your instructions in negotiating, if required, with the provider of the payday loan.

Stage Four – Refer the case to the Financial Ombudsman Service

Should we not be able to come to an agreement over an acceptable financial settlement with the payday loan provider, the case will be referred by us, on your behalf, to the Financial Ombudsman who has the responsibility of reaching a binding decision about the matter. We will communicate that decision to you.

Should you win the case and be entitled to a cash sum, we will contact the payday loan provider to arrange payment.

Please note that the timescale involved in processing payday loan claims can vary from around 4 weeks to several months. However, you can be reassured in the knowledge that we will ensure that a final decision is forthcoming in the shortest possible time.

Our Payday Loan Claims Process Video